Brighton Festival 2020Public booking opens: Wed 19 Feb, 9am

Pay It Forward

Putting you at the heart of Brighton Festival

Join the celebrated Pay It Forward movement and help more people experience Brighton Festival. Pay an extra £5 when you book your tickets, or donate online, and we’ll put this towards giving a free ticket to someone who might not otherwise be able to attend.

Vouchers will be distributed at Our Place, local schools, charities and partner organisations.

“Connecting members of the community together again.”

“It's a fabulous opportunity! Many of the young people we work with would not be able to attend the paid events in the Brighton Festival without the scheme” - YMCA DownsLink Group

“It means I can access events I wouldn’t normally be able to afford to go to, even if I did want to see them.”

If you are a charity or organisation interested in Pay It Forward please get in touch at

Supported by: The Rayne Foundation