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Rachel Blackman - Tiny Failures ‘TV’: Creative Distractions For Disastrous News and Terrible Odds.

‘You will feel ridiculous and ridiculousness is good for you It’s good for everything, to feel ridiculous and sensitive is a part of freedom.’ Philippe Gaulier

Join Rachel Blackman and her special guest, comedian and theatre-maker Laura Mugridge in Tiny Failures ‘TV’, the first in a series of live performative challenges and conversations exploring failure and creative freedom. Part talk show, part provocation, part experiment. 

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Rachel and her team were in the middle of creating a new show, You Aren’t Doing It Wrong If No One Knows What You Are Doing, commissioned for Brighton Festival when the coronavirus pandemic hit. The project ground to a screeching halt and like the rest of us, she had to suddenly work out how to adapt to this strange new reality.

Developed for Brighton Festival at Home, Rachel and her special guest will explore a series of questions and tasks on the theme of failure...

Imagine you are given a small creative task you are highly likely to fail at.

Do you give up?

Do you wait until you get brilliant before you dare to let people see you try?

What if you jumped in enthusiastically, made a few mistakes and had fun whilst you were doing it?

That’s what our special guest is going to be challenged to do tonight.

The tasks will come from our social media group The Museum of Tiny Failures and our guest
won’t have time to prepare.The game is not about being good. It is about having a go.

Is being creative a luxury?

Is failure only for losers?

Let’s find out how we survive all this. 

Laura Mugridge is an award winning theatre-maker and comedian. She specialises in making shows about tiny details, to be performed in unusual spaces. Her first solo show Running On Air was performed in her VW campervan and won a Scotsman Fringe First award for innovative new writing. 

Tiny Failures 'TV’ - Creative Distractions for Dealing with Disastrous News And Terrible Odds.

Hosted by Rachel Blackman
Special Guest Laura Mugridge
Tech Wizard Andrew Cain
Incidental Music Englebert Humperdump

Suggestions by The Museum of Tiny Failures Community

With special thanks to Kate Laird, Martin Noble, Toby Park, Miranda Flemming from Fanslike Agency, Gwen Scott, Ellie Harrison and Fiona Ashley for their valuable feedback.  

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