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Sam Lee: Singing With Nightingales at Home

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In partnership with Nest Collective

In this reimagined Singing With Nightingales event, Sam takes us on a journey though the Sussex woods to listen to the delirious and mesmerising sounds of the Nightingales from your own home. Sam also linked up with special guest Alice Zawadzki, for some real-time improvised duets with these exotic sonic commanders of the avian world. We were also treated to a poetry reading by Brighton Festival Guest Director, Lemn Sissay. 

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The Nest Collective is also a not-for-profit organisation which Sam Lee founded over 15 years ago, and that today curates and presents an annual season of events around the UK which bring together music and nature in a very special and intimate way. You can also consider a donation direct to the artists.

More about Sam Lee

Sam first performed with Brighton Festival in 2013 with a sell-out concert. He returned in 2015, when we commissioned him to produce the inaugural Nightingale Walk as an exclusive event. Sam says Brighton Festival was the 'midwife' of his idea and our belief in him gave birth to this concept. This first-of-its-kind promenade performance took place in ‘a melodious plot of beechen green’ on the South Downs. In the dead silence of the night, accompanied by musicians, Sam sang traditional songs to the nightingales as they sang back from the thickets. Brighton Festival audiences have forever treasured the memory of this spellbinding call-and-response collaboration between man and bird. 

Sam also performed a beautiful song by a local resident and Romany gypsy, the late Mary Ann Haynes at our Festival Launch in 2013. You can view that here 

Brighton Festival Sam Lee Nightingale Walk

Brighton Festival Sam Lee Nightingale

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