Brighton Festival 2018Public booking opens: Fri 24 Feb, 9am

Robbie Thomson


A Cryptic commission for Sonica in association with Cove Park

'Science! A mixture of cosmically ethereal and overwhelmingly punishing sounds and dancefloor- pleasing bleeps and bloops await' The Skinny

Visual artist Robbie Thomson harnesses the power of the Tesla coil, the 19th century invention that first let us see electricity dance. A pulsing soundtrack reminiscent of afrobeat and ambient electronica - created via laptop and synthesiser - strikes visuals from the Tesla coil, shooting sensational sonic and visual fireworks flaring through the Faraday cage that contains it.

Light fuses with sound in this unique sensory phenomenon - a show as lively as electricity itself.

Wed 16 - Sun 20 May, 7.30pm & 9.30pm