Brighton Festival 2020Public booking opens: Wed 19 Feb, 9am

Brighton Festival & Same Sky

Children’s Parade

Join fellow children, parents and teachers as we fill the city with a sea of colour and creativity! This year's theme is Nature’s Marvels, celebrating the wonders of flora and fauna from around the world.

Working with Same Sky, artists have collaborated with teachers and volunteers to make magnificent sculptures, choreograph dance routines and compose parade chants in a truly inclusive event that will be live-streamed by the Brighton-based disability charity Carousel.

This lively, expressive and dazzling display of the Earth’s natural beauties reflects upon the urgent need to protect and conserve the planet’s natural environment. Join thousands in this magnificent expression of creativity, and be part of a vibrant procession of dance, music and fun for the whole city.

Sat 2 May, 10.30am