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Kathy Hinde

Tipping Point

Sound and water form the focus of this unique audio-visual installation, in which the composer and visual artist Kathy Hinde explores how sound behaves in conjunction with vessels of water. Using sensors, networked devices and vessels specially created in Bristol University's scientific glass workshop, Tipping Point investigates ways by which water can be moved from one vessel to another and how this can directly effect sound design. Hinde harnesses the natural resonance, vibration and acoustic properties of glass and water to create an instalation which is a work of art, a scientific demonstration and a musical instrument all in one.

Tue 20 May, 10am - 7pm
Wed 21 & Thu 22 May, 10am - 8pm
Fri 23 May, 10am - 6pm

Live performance by the artist on Tue 20 May, 8.30pm