Brighton Festival 2020Public booking opens: Wed 19 Feb, 9am

Meet the Programmers: Theatre

Theatre and Circus Producer Orla Flanagan discusses her programme for 2015’s Brighton Festival. Orla’s highlights include American performers Mabou Mines who Guest Director Ali Smith was keen to have involved and their show Lucia’s Chapters at the Theatre Royal exploring memory and playing with form. The one-woman show The Red Chair by Sarah Chapman and the Clod Ensemble is a “remarkably strong” fable about parenthood and life, this will be shown in the Studio Theatre. 

Orla discusses how the theatre and circus programme for this year fits with Ali’s hopes and themes including liberty and freedom of expression. Also appearing will be Vanishing Point’s The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler, Tourettes hero’s Backstage in Biscuitland an exploration of art and tourettes and Raphaëlle Boitel’s L’oublie/The Forgotten which is a mix of circus, theatre and dance. “A real treat”. The Corn Exchange will be hosting Richard Nelson’s Apple Family Plays which give a snapshot of the complexity of American life.