Brighton Festival 2017Public booking opens: Fri 24 Feb, 9am


"Everyone has a story to tell. Since time began, we as a species have passed down our teachings from generation to generation through the medium of storytelling. From the campfire to the soapbox, from dusty books to the Internet, storytelling is how we evolve; it is essential to our existence and vital to the fabric of our communities. It's what defines us as human beings. has amassed a storytelling army of our own of over a million people in 225 countries. For Lulu, being involved with the Storytelling Army as part of Brighton Festival is an amazing opportunity to encourage the age-old tradition of storytelling. To get on the ground and be part of real-life story telling is a fantastic opportunity for Lulu to further its heart felt cause, freedom of expression and the right to share. The whole initiative speaks to our own ethos; share yourstory, without profit censorship, without manipulation from profiteers, without judgement."
Nigel Lee, CEO of

Since 2002, Lulu has powered the knowledge sharing economy by enabling authors in more than 225 countries to publish millions of books. With our industry-leading publishing platform tools and global network of printers and resellers, books can be sold in printed or eBook format in bookshops around the world. In addition, Lulu also runs the world’s largest indie online bookshop. Lulu operates offices in USA, Europe and the UK.

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