Brighton Festival 2017Public booking opens: Fri 24 Feb, 9am

Nutshell Construction


"Brighton Festival is a hugely important part of not only Brighton’s - but also the nation’s cultural heritage – attracting large audiences of to its wonderfully eclectic array of events. Through the medium of the Festival, Nutshell can talk to both existing and potential clients in a very different atmosphere to the building site! In short, Nutshell Construction is delighted to be a very real part of Brighton Festival. We enjoy it immensely – we hope you do too.Ben Copper, CEO

We are delighted to say that local family construction company Nutshell Construction join us again, for a fourth year of sponsorship, with their support of Your Place.

Nutshell was founded some ten years ago by three members of the local Sussex Copper Family. The successful completion of a new-build green oak frame house led them to form Nutshell Construction. Having all worked in the building trade for a number of years, they vowed that if ever they started their own business it would have a radically different ethos to the ‘building norm’. Paramount would be a scrupulous attention to detail allied to high standards of site behaviour and project management. All employees, be they permanent staff or sub-contractors would be professionally interviewed and assessed as to their suitability.

Whilst costly in both time and effort, this has proved to be a winning formula. Most importantly, clients are delighted not only to be treated with the respect they deserve, but are guaranteed to have sensible discussions with Nutshell personnel, particularly when technical challenges present themselves.

The results speak for themselves and Nutshell, through prudent management and a continuous programme of investment is becoming one of the most sought-after construction companies in the South East. Specialising in the renovation and restoration of mainly Grade 2 (and above) listed buildings, the company also welcomes challenging ‘new-builds’ through the medium of their new company Nutshell:spaces, and to this end have established rewarding relationships with some of the top architectural practices in the area.

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