Past Event
Dance & Circus

The Forgotten / L’Oublié(e)

Wed 11 Feb 2015

An epic work at the cutting edge of contemporary French circus, which fuses circus, theatre and dance in equal measures, The Forgotten is the directorial debut of Raphaëlle Boitel, one of the most remarkable performers on the European visual and physical theatre scene.

The Forgotten plunges you into a dreamlike world of flight and fantasy to tell a tale of yearning and discovery. A woman searches for the man she loves. Wandering through the ruins of his memory, she encounters moments of ecstasy, secret dreams and haunting apparitions.

With extraordinary physical prowess, the company of six performers flies, glides and dives against an impressive yet stark theatrical landscape. Cleverly fabricating illusions from everyday materials, they bring inanimate objects to life and conjure scenery from thin air to create a parallel world of startling beauty.

Watch the trailer below: