Brighton Festival 2019Public booking opens: Fri 24 Feb, 9am

Luke Jerram

Museum of the Moon

‘I wanted to… give the public the opportunity to fly to the Moon’ Luke Jerram

Imagine having the moon close enough to be able to nip over to the dark side and see what’s happening in its nooks. Luke Jerram’s touring artwork Museum of the Moon allows you to do just that – well almost! A model of the moon, seven metres in diameter, it features mind-boggling detailed NASA imagery of the lunar surface, each centimetre of the internally-lit sphere representing 5km of the moon’s surface.

Hanging in the lush Queens Park during Brighton Festival, Museum of the Moon’s blend of lunar imagery, moonlight and sound composition created by award-winning composer Dan Jones, will offer a unique experience to all. Whether you plan to explore the surface with your family, enjoy a lunar picnic or serenade a lover, don’t miss your chance to be beneath the moon. 

Also taking place at Queens Park on the same day is Storytelling Army by nabokov and Ghost Caribou by Thingumajig Theatre - a fantastic opportunity to see all three festival works in once space.

Fri 17 May, 6pm – Mon 20 May, 12pm