A small, square empty stage in the middle of a bare room. The room has a black floor, red curtain and two spotlights shining on the stage
Past Event
Visual Arts

An Elevated Platform

Flexer & Sandiland
Sat 4 - Sun 26 May 2024, various times

Dysfunctional karaoke for the body

Enter to the sound of a cheering crowd. Take to the stage and elevate your status as you ‘perform’ to your adoring ‘fans’ who praise and celebrate your every movement – the more energetic, the wilder the approval.

However, continued stardom is not as easy as it seems. You must keep moving to sustain interest, any slowing down will be met with discontent from your admiring crowd.

An Elevated Platform is dysfunctional karaoke for the body. It echoes a world saturated with social media, where every action we make is both celebrated and scrutinised in equal measure.