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Caroline Lucas: Another England

Caroline Lucas
Sun 5 May 2024 , 14:00
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The right have hijacked Englishness. Can it be reclaimed?

With the UK more divided than ever, England has re-emerged as a potent force in our culture and politics. But today the dominant story told about our country serves solely the interests of the right.

The only people who dare speak of Englishness are cheerleaders for Brexit, exceptionalism and imperial nostalgia. Yet there are other stories, equally compelling, about who we are: about the English people’s radical inclusivity, their deep-rooted commitment to the natural world, their long struggle to win rights for all. 

Here, Caroline Lucas shares her new book, Another England, A New Story of Who We Are and Who We Can Be, in conversation with Brighton Festival Guest Director Frank Cottrell-Boyce. Delving deep into our national history, she explores what England’s progressive spirit can teach us about the most pressing issues of our time and she sketches out an alternative Englishness: one that we can all embrace to build a greener, fairer future.

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