The Children's Parade

A fiesta of colour, costume and live music

The Children's Parade kick starts Brighton Festival every year. Due to the pandemic, this year's Parade will take a different format. The annual Children's Parade has been delivered in partnership with Same Sky, and enjoyed by participants and spectators since launching in 1985.

In previous years, this involved working with parents, teachers and 5000 young people from across Brighton along with artists, musicians and choreographers, the annual event is always a whirlwind of colour, music, dance and fun!

With a different theme each year, children from over 60 schools and community organisations (as well as teachers and parents), create costumes and props in the lead up to the parade. Often an event itself, schools offer master-classes in the art of papier-mâché, gluing, painting and using cardboard and split cane to create the magnificent props, to be paraded through the streets of Brighton alongside live music, dance and a lively atmosphere no matter what the weather.

Brighton Festival Children's Parade 2019

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