5 Minutes with Artist Duo YARA + DAVINA

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Somerset House

Artist duo YARA + DAVINA honour the living and the dead in this free public installation in Pavilion Gardens this May 

ARRIVALS + DEPARTURES is an interactive public installation, which explores birth, death and the journey in-between. Taking form of a traditional arrivals and departures board, the installation displays names submitted by members of the public as a way of celebrating a birth (arrival) or commemorating a death (departure). The boards capture the joy and sadness of any arrival and departure lounge and provide a space to welcome new life, honour the living and recognise death, loss and collective grief through the act of naming. 


We speak to YARA + DAVINA to find out more about the inspiration behind the public artwork.

What is the inspiration behind ARRIVALS + DEPARTURES?

We were invited to develop an idea for a council building that registered births and deaths, that was next to a train station, and we had this idea of looking at birth and death using the format of the train station boards.

How would you describe the artwork in 3 words?

Naming. Celebrating. Commemorating.

Introduction to Arrivals + Departures by YARA + DAVINA

Submit a name on the board

What do you hope people will take away from experiencing the installation?

It’s a very social and emotional artwork, which invites the audience to think about their own mortality, and how they can live better. We want people to be moved and think about the person they named, and why.

What do you love about Brighton Festival? And why are you looking forward to showcasing your project?

We are looking forward to presenting our work at Brighton, as it has a special place in our heart. We have always wanted to present the work by the coast, as we think there is something very poignant about the ebb and flow of life and the sea.

With generous support from Arka Original Funerals.

Brighton Festival is a partner in Without Walls, working with festivals and artists and bringing fantastic outdoor arts to people in towns and cities across the UK. Without Walls at Brighton Festival 2021 is supported by Southern Water.


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