Kyle Falconer and Laura Wilde. All photography: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

Behind The Scenes: No Love Songs

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We spoke to writer Laura Wilde and her partner, rockstar frontman of The View, Kyle Falconer about their 5-star gig-theatre show coming to Brighton Festival this May.

No Love Songs came out of Laura and Kyle’s real experiences of parenthood during a challenging time. Laura co-wrote No Love Songs as a way to inspire and give hope to people going through similar experiences; the show is a heartfelt mix of humour and emotion, featuring original music from Kyle and his band.

We wanted to find out more...

Starring John McLarnon and Dawn Sievewright

Can you share more about your personal story behind the show?

Laura: The inspiration for No Love Songs came from our own personal journey through post-natal depression whilst Kyle was working in America with his solo career. All the songs we used are from his solo album, No Love Songs for Laura, that he wrote during this time.

We need to know the story behind this album name!

Kyle: The original album name came around because Laura joked, “What do I have to do to get a love song?!”, when really all of the songs are in essence a love song to her even if they don’t sound it on the surface.

No Love Songs has reached the hearts of so many people – what impact did you want the show to have?

Laura: I would hope [audiences] take away some hope, knowledge or inspiration depending on the position they are in in their own lives. We have had so many messages since people saw the show, and they all seem to have the same message about it helping them realise that what they went through was real; or opening up conversations with friends, family and partners! It’s been so lovely to hear!

Do you have any special memories from seeing your show come together?

Kyle: Whilst we were developing No Love Songs with the Dundee Rep Theatre team, we had our youngest, Jett, in the room as a baby whilst Laura breastfed. He would be so quiet whilst the actors were rehearsing and then when Gavin (Whitworth, Musical Director& Arranger) was meant to do a ‘baby cry’ he would do it on cue – brilliant!

We’re thrilled to have you at Brighton Festival 2024 – how do you feel coming to this seaside city?

Laura: We are so thrilled to be involved in the Brighton Festival, for the show to reach a new audience – it’s the first time it will be shown in England! Brighton also has a place in Kyle’s heart from the times he’s toured there, and I have always wanted to visit, so we can’t wait!

“The show holds the audience musically and emotionally from the first beat to the final chord, and may just be the coolest show in town”

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