Young actors playing Romeo and Juliet lay on a skate park floor, leaning on their arms and staring at each other.
Romeo & Juliet

Behind the Scenes: Tanushka Marah, director


We caught up with Tanushka Marah, Artistic Director of Windmill Young Actors, who brings the award-winning youth ensemble to Hollingdean Skatepark on 21-22 May to tell the tale of young people torn apart by clan and class, as part of Brighton Festival.


'I hope audiences will be blown away by the young talent and realise that their age is irrelevant.' 

Where did the idea or inspiration for the Windmill Young Actors production of Romeo and Juliet come from?

I was walking past The Level skatepark in Brighton, and I saw groups of young people facing each other. I immediately thought of the Montagues and Capulets. I also thought about how skateparks are a space owned by young people and how Romeo and Juliet is a classic story led by young people.  


How would you describe your show in three words? 

Passionate, urban, original


What do you hope people will take away from your production of Romeo and Juliet after they have seen it?

I hope audiences will be blown away by the young talent and realise that their age is irrelevant. I want them to be moved by the story and entertained by the experience and the music.


Are you looking forward to being part of Brighton Festival 2022?

I am thrilled to be part of Brighton Festival and to be in such great company. I am very happy that young people are being taken seriously as artists who are at the forefront of creating culture. 


Any other information or interesting facts you want to share…? 

Our production of Romeo and Juliet has a cast of over 50 young people aged 14-25, including actors, dancers, singers and spoken word poets. We also have young teams behind the scenes, including the costume team, music team and a producing team of 17- 20 year olds.

Romeo and Juliet 21-22 May, Hollingdean Skate Park

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