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Behind The Scenes: Triptych, an artwork made up of three pieces…

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Meet Ellie Bishop-Williams, Founder and Artistic Director of Project Female, Brighton’s courageous dance company amplifying young people’s call for a better world.

Lifelong Brightonian, Ellie Bishop-Williams, founded Project Female with an unwavering determination to redefine preconceptions of youth dance theatre.

Her innovative approach to dance training aims to empower and support young female identifying and non-binary dancers to achieve their full potential. 

Project Female are ready to ignite Brighton Festival with contemporary/ hip-hop inspired Triptych: an artwork made up of three pieces…, a triple bill of performances using multimedia, spoken word and digital dance technology to explore themes that impact young people today and call to make the world a better place; plus, a special performance from east London’s celebrated hip-hop dance theatre company, Boy Blue Young Artists.

We caught up with Ellie ahead of their performance...

Tell us more about the story behind Triptych?

Our creative process is built around amplifying [the dancers’] call for social change and presents their authentic experiences of issues that impact their day-to-day life within a dance theatre production. The programme includes pieces which reflect on Female Protest and issues of control vs freedom.

We are so excited to share the stage with Boy Blue Young Artists who will deliver an outstanding performance and add an additional dimension to the programme.

What would you like your audiences to take away from the show?

An understanding of some of the issues impacting young people and how they feel about the world.

An appreciation of the value of youth dance as a platform to share their stories and amplify their voices.

A recognition of the talent, energy and hunger in the next generation and the validity of youth dance as an offer to audiences who attend cultural festivals.

Your incredible young dancers are some of Brighton’s best, what does it mean for them to perform at Brighton Festival 2024?

Brighton Festival 2024 will be a ground-breaking milestone for Project Female Dance Company - we are excited to show the world what our young people are capable of.

The event is a celebration of the immensely talented future generation of dance artists who deserve to be platformed within an international festival.

How would you sum up Triptych in three words.

Astonishing, poignant and inspirational.

Project Female is co-presented in partnership with Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts

See you there...

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