Festival Hot Seat: Fauna

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Fauna is a captivating exploration of primal behaviour in the animal kingdom. We caught up with the exciting new Circus company behind it to find out more...

Firstly, can you introduce your show and tell us what it is about?
Our show is called Fauna. It’s a captivating exploration of primal behaviour, created by six leading professional artists. The audience is welcomed into our world to witness the ritual of courtship, the aggression of competition, and the Machiavellian cunning and simple pleasures of play, brought to life by the entrancing skills of our performers. Fauna is also set to an original live soundtrack by award-winning acoustic and percussive guitarist Geordie Little.

How and where will the work be staged?
Theatre Royal Brighton

Why should someone come and see your show?
Fauna is a multidisciplinary new circus show that has entwined elements of dance, live music, high level acrobatics and physical theatre in a new and innovative way. It is also an exciting demonstration of physical strength, and pushes circus in a new artistic direction.

Where did the idea and inspiration come from?
The idea behind Fauna came from a very organic process. All of our artists wanted to explore movement and character in terms of our animalistic tendencies. It felt like a very rich source of inspiration for creating innovative ways of performing circus, while still giving purpose for tricks and flips.

Why do you think it’s an important story to tell?
We feel it’s important to story tell to connect with our audiences, and take them on a journey
through our world, and into the brains of our artists and their crazy ways.

What sort of person is going to love this show?
Any lover of movement, acrobatics and music will love our show. Its targeted to all ages.

What’s going to surprise people about this show?
The way in which high level acrobatics is entwined into a strong narrative. Also, the development of the characters and the connections between performers.

What does Brighton Festival mean to you? (If you’ve been with us before, do you have a favourite Festival moment?)
Brighton Festival is a beautiful opportunity for us to perform our art to an array of open minded people, and to welcome and share with the local community.

What are you most looking forward to in this year’s Brighton Festival programme?
Checking out some different performance genres and supporting the local artists!

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