5 Minutes with Le Gateau Chocolat

Photo credit: Lee Faircloth

The opera occasional black bearded diva comes to Brighton Dome after a year in absentia with this one-night-only treat - Liminal. We spent some time with Le Gateau Chocolat ahead of their performance here on Sun 30 May and discovered more about the inspiration behind the show.

How would you describe Liminal in three words?

Meditation on isolation

What was your inspiration for this show?

With the initial commission; Pandora, still on hold due to the pandemic. Brighton Festival got in touch and asked about the possibility of presenting something this year. And as a most extraordinary event, one that has affected the entire globe - at the same time, I was interested in the possibility of offering a meditation on what we’ve all been through and are still going through.

What do your audience will take away from this event?

The importance of art. The time capsules preserving who and what we are. The idea that STEM subjects are more important when a lot of us turn to music, paintings, films, tv, radio... to offer support, solace, understanding in moments that are too massive for us to articulate.

Is there a particular reason you’re looking forward to performing at Brighton Festival?

Living in Brighton, and after the year we’ve all just gone through – to make this return to the stage at Brighton Festival and the iconic Brighton Dome is going to be an incredible moment.


I went to Sussex University. Just after completing my law degree, much like the period between Christmas and new year, when you don’t know what day it is- before I stumbled into what I’m doing now, I was an usher here - The Brighton Dome

As well as this being a live show, this performance is also being live streamed on Sun 30 May, 8pm



Le Gateau Chocolat - LIMINAL

Sun 30 May, 8pm

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