All Photography: Chloe Hashemi

Postcards From: Fault Lines

Lîla Dance is a small but mighty Bournemouth-based company creating emotive and inclusive work. Currently on tour, Fault Lines opens our eyes to the fragile relationship between nature and our pursuit of progress.

The audience is transported in time to 2045 and 2050...

where they're met with an ‘evocative’ portrayal of the potential life awaiting humankind in 50 degree heat because of climate change. Music ‘shimmers’ like a pulsating heat-haze...

and the dancers enact scenarios of our fight for survival with inspired choreography by Lîla Dance Co-Founders, Abi Mortimer and Carrie Whitaker.

But hope is not lost! Fault Lines captures the indomitable human spirit and offers its audiences a light at the end of the tunnel in their futuristic imaginings.

Written by award-winning BBC writer, Nick Walker, with original music by digital artist, Dougie Evans and digital illustration by Beth Veitch Dance’s Courtney McCarthy, Fault Lines pulls at the senses to compose a captivating story.

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