Share your West Pier memories for Brighton Festival 2015 finale event


Brighton Festival and acclaimed visual performance company And Now are looking for members of the public to share their memories and thoughts relating to Brighton & Hove’s West Pier and the evolving nature of the city’s population. The oral histories will be recorded and blended with composed music to create a soundscape to the large-scale performance of Fleeting, which takes place on the beachfront on Sunday 24 May and marks the finale to this year’s Brighton Festival.

Members of the public are invited to Brighton Dome’s Café-bar on Monday 30 (11am – 1pm) and Tuesday 31 (3pm – 5pm) March to share stories – as well as ideas about murmurations and migration – about the history of the city and the derelict pier.

Fleeting is a punctuated installation on the beach created by And Now: artists who specialise in creating unexpected visual experiences inspired by the natural world. Their recent works have taken place at Wakehurst Place, Wilderness Festival, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew and also in two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Wye Valley River Festival and Inside Out, Dorset. The event will act as a tribute to the West Pier, the people of Brighton & Hove, and the transformative power of nature.