Pier to Pier at Brighton Festival
Photo credit: RBD Design
Past Event

Pier to Pier

Mon 10 May - Sun 6 Jun 2021

What is it like to live on the edge? What keeps us balanced in turbulent times? What do we feel when we look to the horizon?

‘There was nothing between the sea and the sky. I had to keep looking back. But out there was a complete black hole. Completely black, not anything, nothing at all.’  Ron, Fisherman. Goring. 

Pier to Pier is a public artwork exploring the 14 miles between Brighton Pier and Worthing Pier. RAPT interviewed 14 people who live or work on the coast and worked with a coastal choir to create an immersive sound installation played from an audio bench travelling the Sussex Coast. With Sound Design by Lewis Gibson and Music by Jocelyn Pook. 

A sea swimmer, a whale stranding expert, someone who left, someone who stayed, a nurse, a coastguard, a fisherman, a mother, a child, a scientist.

Look for the orange bench. Take a moment. Sit, look out and listen. 

Follow the bench’s journey here  - www.pier-to-pier.com

RAPT creates socially engaged performance projects, facilitating the coming together of artists, researchers and communities. RAPT searches for new ways to bring these groups together in unique collaborations; making work which invites audiences to see the extraordinary in the everyday. 

Emma Higham - RAPT Theatre

5 Minutes with Theatre-maker Emma Higham

We have a quick chat with co-director of RAPT Emma Higham on the inspiration behind Pier to Pier. 

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