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Without Walls Series- Describe the series in here over more lines as it needs
Arrivals and Departures


A public artwork about birth, death and the journey in between, created by artist duo YARA + DAVINA
Our Place: East Brighton

Our Place

A FREE Community Celebration of Creativity for Hangleton and Knoll, East Brighton and (for the first time) Moulsecoomb and Bevendean

Recovery Poems

An inspiring light poem, visiting public spaces throughout the City
Up My Street

Up My Street

Step into augmented reality in this street art and performance trail, allowing digital dancers to climb and dance around the real streets and buildings…
Brighton Festival Guest Director Lemn Sissay stands below the Arrivals and Departures installation board in Pavilion Gardens

Brighton’s Stories with Lemn Sissay, MBE

Marking the closing of the Arrivals + Departures boards with readings from Brighton Festival's Guest Director
Robot Selfie at Brighton Festival

Robot Selfie

Brighton Festival invites you to be drawn by Kaleider’s wall drawing robot…
Three performers perform a trick with a small blue ball to a crowd

Without Walls @ Our Place

Free exhilarating and new pop-up performances from some of the UK’s most innovative outdoor companies
In the foreground a person wearing light purple and a white backwards cap dances, arms outstretched. Behind a person also dances, arms outstretched. They are wearing light blue.

A Weekend Without Walls @ Our Place

SAY, Christopher Green, Francesca Baglione/Miss High Leg Kick
A person wearing a sari smiles whilst moulding clay

A Weekend Without Walls @ St Ann’s Well Gardens

Tara Theatre, The Clay Connection in association with Supple Productions
Two people dancing in the middle of the road, one is sitting in a wheelchair whilst holding the other

A Weekend Without Walls in Crawley

Daryl Beeton Productions and Mimbre, Middle Child, Requardt & Rosenberg
Two people are on a BMX bike, looking and pointing to the left, behind them a person sits looking pensive and another is jumping, arm outstretched

A Weekend Without Walls @ British Airways i360

Avant Garde Dance, Just Us Dance Theatre, Joseph Toonga, Daryl Beeton Productions and Mimbre, Middle Child
In a carpark, there are three cars, two people are standing in front of them, and another is sat on top of one, facing away


Common Wealth and Fuel
Two dancers are embracing. A male dancers is in a wheelchair which is tipped onto the edge of one wheel, and the female dancer leans over him.

A Weekend Without Walls: New Work by Jamaal Burkmar

A striking and playful duet by Candoco and award-winning choreographer Jamaal Burkmar, connecting with audience members on a deeper level.
A lady in a bright yellow teeshirt pulls mint leaves out of a pot. The background is a bright pink tuk tuk adorned with tea pots and other tea making accessories.

A Weekend Without Walls: TEABREAK

Have a well-deserved TEABREAK and enjoy a freshly made brew served from a hand painted Tuk Tuk.
Two men stand in front of a yellow and green patterned background. They are both facing towards the camera, one is pouting, and the other is looking towards him

A Weekend Without Walls: You&Me

Choreographed by Amina Khayyam, You&Me explores a same sex relationship where an ordinary guy wrestles all that prevents him from being with his lover…
Three dancers dressed in bright Indian costumes pose inside brightly coloured, giant frames

A Weekend Without Walls: Mughal Miniatures

A vibrant outdoor performance event for all the family, Mughal Miniatures takes inspiration from the traditional art of Indian and Persian miniature painting.
Three dancers dressed in traditional Indian clothing pose and gesture towards the right of the frame. They are against a plain green background

A Weekend Without Walls: Choogh Choogh

Inspired by the joy for travelling through India on a train, Choogh Choogh combines classical Indian dance with contemporary movement, theatre and play.
Three dancers dressed in blue gesture towards the left side of the image. Their hands perform mudras and they are surrounded by bamboo poles and green netting

A Weekend Without Walls: Pravaas

A promenade performance inspired by the climate migration of people from the Sundarbans across India and Bangladesh.
A digital drawing of the Afrinaughts. They wear highly patterned club clothing with LED inspired lighting. Behind them are speaker systems and a stone like face

A Weekend Without Walls: Ancient Futures

Afrofuturism inspired outdoor spectacular
A group of men are dancing outside. They are seen through flowers

Closer to my Dreams

Chad Taylor
A kiosk sits inside a ring of chairs. It is night and the kiosk is lit from within

World Kiosk

Variable Matter
A group of musicians march through a golden field. They are all dressed in yellows and burgundies

The Journey

Perhaps Contraption
On a blue staircase, a man in a wheelchair is hanging off the railings and a girl is resting her waist on a bannister

Anchored In Air

Head Over Wheels
A collaged image. On a blue background is a black square with teardrop and leaf shapes coloured with a landscape image or yellow. On top of this is the cut out of a black person with their arms in the air


Jeanefer Jean-Charles
An audience interacts with a giant puppet of Hindu god Hanuman

Ancient Giants

An illustration of a lightbulb with crossed hosepipes dripping water on a black background

Island Storm

Bureau of Silly Ideas
Brighton Festival Children's Parade 2019

V7 Test 06 (Hove Warehouse)

A Artist

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