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Visual Arts

Eva Quantica (Loading Bar)

Maf’j Alvarez
Fri 20 May 2022

Adjust your VR headset and step inside a surrealist painting.

A dreamlike, reflective bubble of lock-down Brighton. An open world with hands for hills, a cupcake pavilion, platforms, statues, dancing figures and a glowing lifeforce surging through it all. 

Self-styled technowitch and Brighton based digital artist Maf’j Alvarez brings us a different story of Eve in Paradise. Featuring the remixed choreography of Kristen McNally and music by Bunty, this one explores female power, patriarchy, immigration and obligation. As the metaverse enters the public imagination through affordable VR headsets made by big corporations, Eva Quantica asks the question of what women’s roles will be in this virtual, entangled future.

Watch a trailer for Eva Quantica