Past Event
Visual Arts

Animal Place

Tim Spooner
Fri 20 - Sun 29 May 2022

The Spire is alive! Look closely and you’ll see all kinds of strange and wonderful creatures.

Animal Place is a playful installation of moving animals made from forgotten and reanimated objects.

Some form the head or feet or organs. Some are encrusted into their skin. All affect their motion and balance. The animals are trying to move, they are trying to put one foot in front of another, they are trying not to fall over!

Tim Spooner is an artist working in performance, installation, painting and sculpture. His work is inspired by the power of objects, and the specific meaning and identity they can carry despite their abstract and mysterious nature.

Over recent weeks, Tim has created more than 30 animals for the installation with groups of adults and children in East Brighton. Now you can join in too - simply bring along an object or fragment of material, or search for one when you visit The Spire. Tim will then help you give it a new life as a part of an animal in this magical habitat.

Watch Tim Spooner talk about Animal Place