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Festival of Ideas: Cultural Recovery

Thu 26 May 2022
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Join a panel including Eliane Glaser (author of Elites: A Progressive Defence), Gilane Tawadros (writer, curator and Chief Executive of DACS: the Design and Artists Copyright Society) and Professor Kate O’Riordan (Dean of the School of Media Arts and Humanities, University of Sussex & Co-Chair of ABCD for Cultural Recovery in Brighton & Hove), as they ask what exactly culture needs to recover from? What is it we want to recover? And might some things be best left in the past?

A collaboration with the University of Sussex, The Festival of Ideas harnesses the transformative power of the arts and humanities to fashion new ways of thinking about the past, present and future.

As the UK emerged from successive Covid-19 lockdowns, there was a lot of talk about the need for a ‘Cultural Recovery’, normally in relation to the re-opening of cultural spaces and, sometimes, a return to business-as-usual. But what else could the term imply?