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Festival of Ideas: Making Space

Mon 16 May 2022
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Decolonial Interventions in Contemporary Art

A collaboration with the University of Sussex, The Festival of Ideas harnesses the transformative power of the arts and humanities to fashion new ways of thinking about the past, present and future.

Convened by Susuana Amoah, the Sussex University Stuart Hall Fellow 2022, this panel will explore some of the imaginative de-colonial strategies used by artists, curators and activists in recent years to address cultural inequity in public art institutions: from digital projects calling out racism in public art galleries to the limits and possibilities of socially engaged curatorial practice. Showcasing an important area of contemporary cultural practice, the event will examine how a critical and creative interrogation of the past and present might lead towards more equitable futures.

Susuana will be joined by Trinidadian world-building curator Helen Starr; Jacob V Joyce, a non-binary artist whose work amplifies and nourishes queer and decolonial narratives; and Kaia Charles, a cultural projects commissioner and curator whose work is engaged with urbanism, digital and cross-cultural dialogue.