An audience stand is silhouetted against a late afternoon sky. It is placed on a beach area, and there are around twenty people spread along the different levels of the stand in a variety of poses. Several loudspeakers on stands are visible. The location is Bolderaja, in Riga, Latvia.
Witness Stand | Aivars Ivbulis / Homo Novus Festival 2021
Past Event

Witness Stand - Brighton Marina

Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey (Australia / UK)
11 performances between Sat 7 - Sun 29 May 2022
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How do we understand where we are through listening?

From across the city, drifting over land, sea and forgotten sites, comes an invitation to gather, sit and listen together. 

Australian artists Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey have commissioned a community of writers and sound artists with a connection to Brighton to design sound works that respond to five specific sites that reverberate with ancient, recent, and future stories of the city. 

Each chosen site is a place where we can experience the confluence of past and future, the ebb and flow of time and tide. Places that hover around dereliction and renewal, separation and coming together. The Adur Estuary at Shoreham-by-Sea, the Chattri, the West Pier, East Brighton, and Brighton Marina will all be linked in a physical and aural network. We will gather together with the artists, on simple seating stands, to contemplate vistas that we rarely pause properly to see, to spend time together in a place where the site is both companion and performer. 

This unique perspective merged with an immersive soundscape, live performance and each area’s natural ambience, gives us the opportunity to look outwards and consider what it means to be here now, what it meant in the past, and what it might mean in the future. A chance to witness, together, exactly what it is that makes these places so unique.


Concept and direction: Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey

Lead writer: Akila M Richards

Artists: Razia Aziz, Johanna Bramli, Thor McIntyre Burnie, Ed Chivers, Scott Smith, Emma-Kate Matthews, Gene Pool, Quinta, Ingrid Plum, James C Wilkie, Mrisi

Writers: Georgina Aboud, Jenny Arach, Sheila Auguste, Dulani Kulasinghe, Zaid S Sethi

Cultural Consultants: Dave Searby Mason, Richard Bickers, Davinder Dhillon, Richard Williams, Katie Sollohub, Rachel Clark

This ongoing project has been created and developed with Live Umbrella Finland and Bureau of Works; assisted by the Australia Council for the Arts, Vitalstatistix, Dark Mofo, and the APRA/AMCOS Art Music Fund. Witness Stand was originally commissioned for Perth Festival 2021.

Location Details

A wide shot of Brighton Marina

Brighton Marina

Exact location: Level 8 of the Brighton Marina Car Park. Please take care when walking in the car park.
What3Words: ///moon.nurses.hooked
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  • Johanna Bramli and Ingrid Plum 
    Johanna is a sound artist, one half of pop band Fröst and co-founder of the all-female noise choir The Larsens. She creates sensitive yet sonically assaulting textures.

    Ingrid is a singer and composer who uses her voice, field recordings, percussion and electronics to explore the landscape of listening and our connection to nature.
  • Gene Pool 
    Gene Pool are a music, art and sound collective. Formed as a duo in Brighton in 2016, they have evolved into a genre-fluid, seven-piece live act, which is cathartic, flamboyant and joyful.

Text: Georgina Aboud
Georgina is of Lebanese and Anglo-Irish heritage. She has won awards with The Moth, Creative Future and the Word Factory for her writing.

Cultural Consultant: Richard Williams

Please note timings for Sat 28 May were originally listed as 8pm and 9.30pm, but have been updated to 6pm and 9.30pm.

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