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All the Houses I've Ever Lived In

Sat 20 May 2023
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Join Kieran Yates as she talks to writer and journalist Emma Warren about her first solo book, All the Houses I’ve Ever Lived In, where she charts the heartbreaks and joys of a life spent navigating the chaos of the housing system

By the age of twenty-five journalist Kieran Yates had lived in twenty different houses across the country, from council estates in London to car showrooms in rural Wales. In that time, between a series of evictions, mouldy flats and bizarre house-share interviews, the reality of Britain’s housing crisis grew more and more difficult to ignore.

Drawing on years of research, she exposes the issues underpinning the crisis, from the state’s neglect of social housing to the rental rat race, and the disproportionate toll these take on the most marginalized in society. All the Houses I’ve Ever Lived In is all at once a rallying cry for change, a tribute to building communities and a love letter to home in all its forms.

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