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Nabihah Iqbal with support from Qazi & Qazi
Mon 15 May 2023
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SUROOR is a shape-shifting, experimental collaboration involving this year's Guest Director, acclaimed musician, producer, DJ and broadcaster Nabihah Iqbal. The four-piece sees the Ninja Tune-signed creator combine with Raheel Khan, a sound artist and musician concerned with heritage and society.

Also on board are two multidisciplinary artists: Paul Purgas, who works with sound, performance and installation, plus Imran Perretta, who addresses themes such as oppression and alienation using resources including film and poetry.

SUROOR have appeared at Tramway Gallery, Glasgow, and Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, with a first international performance due at CTM Festival in Berlin before their Brighton date. 

Support comes from Qazi & Qazi, a sister duo that weave their signature intricate harmonies into orchestral-scale arrangements.

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