Two dancers are embracing. A male dancers is in a wheelchair which is tipped onto the edge of one wheel, and the female dancer leans over him.
Past Event

A Weekend Without Walls: New Work by Jamaal Burkmar

Sat 27 - Sun 28 May 2023

A striking and playful duet by Candoco and award-winning choreographer Jamaal Burkmar, connecting with audience members on a deeper level.

Candoco Dance Company is the world’s foremost inclusive dance company. Their work is driven by the understanding that dance is richer when different bodies and perspectives are part of its creation.

This striking and intimate duet embodies the relationship between two people as they navigate the space around them and express themselves through movement and gestures.

Burkmar’s innovative choreographic approach involves using extracts from audiobooks and podcasts to explore the rhythms and patterns of sound and text. The dancers then translate these into movement, gestures and body language.

Created and performed by a disabled and non-disabled partnership, New Work by Jamaal Burkmar aims to provide each visitor with a unique and access-centered experience of the piece and deeply connect with you - whether you choose to watch the whole performance or are simply passing by.

New Work by Jamaal Burkmar by Candoco Dance Company, choreographed by Jamaal Burkmar (Extended Play Dance), performed by Maiya Leeke and Caroline Lofthouse, supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Brighton Festival.

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