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Victoria Melody: The Enthusiasts (Pigeon Fanciers)

Sat 20 - Sun 21 May 2023
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Audiences enter the quiet realm of Britain’s pigeon racers for this intimate auditory experience

Victoria Melody is passionate about other people’s passions. 

In The Enthusiasts, audiences are invited into two extraordinary communities for an intimate auditory experience. Taking place at two secret locations across Brighton, these site-specific events uncover communities on the brink of change as their traditional methods clash with new ways of thinking. Join Victoria on this unique adventure into the secret and the sacred. 

In Pigeon Fanciers, audiences enter the quiet realm of Britain’s pigeon racers. With a history stretching back to the nineteenth century, British pigeon racing has been in steady decline for several decades. Sequestered away in Brighton’s pigeon lofts, these enthusiasts have built their lives around the love for their birds. This audio experience combines documentary and drama as audiences meet the real-life characters keeping pigeon fancying aloft.

Victoria Melody will also be presenting Funeral Directors at Brighton Festival. Click here to learn more.

'Victoria Melody must rank as one of the most charming independent performance makers in Britain — smart, warm, and unpretentiously funny.'
The Times

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