A lady in a bright yellow teeshirt pulls mint leaves out of a pot. The background is a bright pink tuk tuk adorned with tea pots and other tea making accessories.
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A Weekend Without Walls: TEABREAK

6 performances between Sat 27 - Sun 28 May 2023
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Have a well-deserved TEABREAK and enjoy a freshly made brew served from a hand painted Tuk Tuk.

Catch your breath and enjoy a free, freshly made brew in this heart-warming new show by Trigger. 

Have a well-deserved TEABREAK and as you stir your cup, gently glide through an audio journey of tea and how it’s found itself into our tea pots. Tea leaves have journeyed across continents and centuries to take its place as the great comforter of our time.  With tea served from Trigger’s beautifully hand painted Tuk Tuk, this gentle performance brings an uplifting moment of pause. Uniting people across the world and throughout our lives, inviting us to rest awhile, appreciate all that we have, honour moments that have passed and ready ourselves for what is to come.  

Trigger are creators and producers of participative and socially engaged live events. Trigger reimagine and revive public spaces and put audiences and togetherness at the heart of everything they do; from flying dragons to city-centre super gardens, their varied output is inclusive and accessible.

The TEABREAK Tuk Tuk was originally presented as part of PoliNations and commissioned by UNBOXED. TEABREAK is supported by Without Walls

Brighton Festival is a partner in WithoutWalls, a consortium of festivals and arts organisations bringing fantastic outdoor arts to people in towns and cities across England. Find out more on www.withoutwalls.uk.com

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