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Riot Ensemble

Wed 11 May 2022
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An imaginative concert with some of Europe's leading contemporary instrumentalists


Benjamin Mitchell clarinets
Philip Granell violin
Helene Clement viola

Louise McMonagle cello 

Adam Swayne piano 


Anthony R. Green Collide-oscope II 

Xenakis Paille in the Wind

Kaija Saariaho Light and Matter 

Outi Tarkiainen The Lustful Mother‚Äôs Heart 

Patrick Harrex Colloquy 

Donghoon Shin Songs and Games

Peter Copley Scherzos and Arias 

About the Event

Contemporary music has no more dedicated champion than Riot Ensemble, whose dynamic blend of vibrancy and virtuosity links new music with new audiences.

Comprising some of Europe‚Äôs leading contemporary instrumentalists, Riot Ensemble entices with imaginative concerts that embrace the extremes of contemporary music, from stark beauty to intense drama. 

For it's Brighton Festival debut the ensemble has curated a fascinating programme linking to ideas and music across the Festival. Paille in the Wind by Xenakis (whose centenary falls on 29 May), an architect as well as master composer whose pioneering works reveal a unique fusion of music, maths and architecture, and Saariaho, whose Oltra Mar appears in our Philharmonia Orchestra concert, are combined with pieces by a new generation, including Outi Tarkianen and Anthony R. Green.