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Global Conversations: Things We Carry

Fowzia Karimi (USA) & Amina Jama (UK)
Sat 28 May 2022
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With a combination of text, photography and illustration Fowzia Karimi's debut, Above Us the Milky Way, brings to life an intricate story of war, migration, and the human capacity to create beauty out of horror. Poet Amina Jama's exhibition Somalinimo (till I dhimo) X Dear Ayeeyo used photographs and an immersive 1990s migrant Somali living room space to pay homage to the rich Somali culture, Black Britishness, and the creativity that arises from displacement.

In conversation for the first time, Fowzia and Amina bring light to the immeasurable value of the small things we carry, snippets of language, fading memories, and objects that continue to sustain migrants even as they leave everything else they know behind.