Black background. A male and female performer swinging in the air like a pendulum, reaching it's highest point, where the male performer in a wheelchair hangs upside-down, with the female performer upright leaning on him, both attached to black circus straps
photo credit Paul Blakemore
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Dance & Circus


Extraordinary Bodies
Wed 25 May 2022
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A show with live music, circus and film about the small moments that shape us

Part circus, part serenade, part cinema, Human is about the small moments that shape us. 

On a stage set with a trapeze, circus rope and set of drums, four performers start to tell stories from their lives, from their childhoods, and from the last 24 months. They talk about uncertainty, about times of big decisions and about getting through things together. The character of ‘Circus’ interrupts them: Graziella has fallen on hard times.

Her poetry weaves through the show, becoming part of the storytelling, and her bravery speaks to us all.

Human features live original music, soulful drumming, rope and trapeze performance. Dance and film footage (with integrated BSL interpretation and captioning) is drawn from the performers’ actual lives. The live and recorded sounds are played through silent disco headphones, creating an intimate relationship between performers and audience.

Human Trailer (captioned)

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This event has captioning, BSL interpretation (pre-recorded, on screen), audio description (pre-recorded, played through headphones) and is relaxed.

'From first kisses to lockdown days, a cast of disabled and non-disabled performers lay their personal lives on the line in a moving new show, Human'
The Guardian
'A fragile and intimate production bursting with renewed hope'
Northern Arts Review
'Human was how it was: so human in such a truly diverse way. It was affirming, celebratory and so very vital, with an elegance to its humanity'
Audience Member
'I left feeling appreciative. In awe. Challenged. Amazed.'
Audience Member
'Such poetry in the visuals and storytelling. What a great choice for my first trip back to the theatre'
Audience Member
On stage. A screen behind with a woman's face wearing blue glasses and blonde hair with a fringe. Six performers on stage wearing different 'everyday' clothing with their right fists in the air. A woman in a yellow dress is on a hanging circus hoop above left of them

Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists: Till We Win

Wed 25 May, 2.30pm

Enjoy a double bill of circus from Extraordinary Bodies and Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists. 

Till We Win is a joyous story of people who often go unheard, making a big change to save the place they love