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Elinor Lewis
Fri 27 - Sat 28 May 2022
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Six large wooden frames balance in a row - waiting to fall like dominoes

Two people defiantly occupy this precarious space, performing a suspenseful balancing act. Skin on wood, they strain against the frames, straddling them like lovers. Joints creaking, they slowly queer the timber, becoming slow-moving, part-human-part-frame hybrids.

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Production Credits

Creator and Choreographer: Elinor Lewis

Creative Contributor: Hannah Parsons

Performers: Elinor Lewis and Hannah Parsons

Set Designer: Hannah Sharp

Lighting Designer: Nao Nagai

Costume Designer: Berthe Fortin

Photographer and Videographer: Rocio Chacon


About Elinor Lewis

Elinor Lewis, (she/they) makes work that straddles dance, live art and installation. She is interested in people’s attitudes towards risk, why people feel tense when confronted with uncertainty and what happens to people’s perception of risk when states of tension are drawn out over long periods of time. Her creative practice seeks to embody and playfully unpick themes of precariousness, ecology, and tension using bodies and objects. Elinor is currently a Work Place Artist at The Place. Other supporters of her work include DanceXchange, Pavilion Dance South West, Take Art, Arts Council England, Aerowaves Twenty19 and Goldsmiths College.

Presented in partnership with South East Dance

Supported by The Place, DanceXchange, Arts Council England, Artsadmin's BANNER Award 2017 - 2018, Goldsmiths College, Take Art, Pavilion Dance South West, Taunton Pride, Somerset Lesbian Network, Diversity Trust and Chard WATCH.

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