A composite image of four people, some with guitars, some playing keyboard
Past Event


Tue 17 May 2022
Tickets available through De La Warr Pavilion

On their first UK tour in five years

Since the band’s inception in 2010, breaking onto the global scene with widely praised debut album ‘The Fool’, Warpaint have gained cult-like status and confounded expectations; releasing two more studio albums, 2014’s ‘Warpaint’ and 2016’s ‘Heads Up’. The four-piece are renowned for creating sensual mood atmospheres; gauzy guitars, hypnotic harmonies and sinister grooves. The sound and live show always come back to what can be described as feminine energy: intuitive, innate and deeply connected.

There is always a sense of arriving and returning with Warpaint. Band members have released solo works - from TT’s acclaimed 2018 LoveLaw to jennylee’s Right On! - in which you can hear the inflections of personal growth; going it alone and coming together again.