A group of people stand on stage looking at a projection on a screen
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caravan assembly: work.txt

Nathan Ellis
Tue 24 May 2022
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Hate your job? Come work for us.

This is a show about work. But the worker isn’t here, so it’s down to you. You’ll clock in at the beginning. You’ll get short breaks at regular intervals. You’ll work in a team, and under your own initiative. You will be your own boss. You will be free.

work.txt is a show performed entirely by the audience about the gig economy, financial instability and bullshit jobs.

Mixing existential soul-searching with wry comedy, this is an adventurous production starring its viewers.
The Guardian

Part of caravan assembly

caravan assembly is a biennial event that presents contemporary performance made in England to an audience of international programmers and collaborators. The performances are open to the public as part of Brighton Festival and sit alongside a series of industry conversations and discussions for those participating in the assembly. 

caravan assembly is delivered by Farnham Maltings in partnership with Brighton Festival.