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Global Conversations: A Heritage of Movement

Suad Aldarra (Ireland) & Nadia Owusu (USA)
Thu 12 May 2022
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Suad Aldarra and Nadia Owusu explore their shared heritage of movement around the globe.

Our online Global Conversations series enables dialogues across borders between some of the most creative minds of our planet


Suad Aldarra was born in Saudi Arabia to Syrian parents and has lived and worked in Syria, Egypt, the USA, and Ireland; Nadia Owusu was born in Tanzania to parents of Ghanaian and Armenian heritage, raised in Italy, Ethiopia, England, Ghana, and Uganda, and now lives in the USA. These global stopping points barely tell the breath-taking details of their extraordinary life journeys. Both memoirists, they unpack their shared heritage of movement, the traumas that live in the gaps and all the beautiful things they have discovered in the act of unpacking.