A dancer with straight blond hair and a long black dress stands in the background, in the foreground is a woman with slicked back dark hair a black crop top and trousers, kneeling on a box with her arm raised curved above her head. The backdrop is a grey/brown stone
photo credit Roarke Pearce
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Dance & Circus


Tue 16 May 2023
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Ceyda Tanc returns to Brighton Festival with a visually stunning celebration of femininity

A celebration of what it means to be female, KIZLAR is an aesthetically driven exploration of femininity and masculinity, strength and vulnerability, creating a visually stunning dance work.

Drawing on the virtuoso movements of male Turkish dancers with an all-female company, Ceyda Tanc's unique movement vocabulary combines athletic contemporary movement with traditional Turkish folk dance, conveying striking shapes and a strong, sensual energy. 

The company return following their phenomenal performance of KAYA at Brighton Festival in 2018, led by Brighton-based choreographer, Ceyda Tanc, who creates dynamic contemporary dance influenced by her Turkish heritage. Her work seeks to challenge traditional gender representation and highlight the intersection of cultures in modern Britain, embedding themes of feminism, ritual and ceremony.

Ceyda Tanc Interview with Nabihah Iqbal

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