Left: Kassem Mosse in all black, with an orange glow in front of him. Right: Flora Yin-Wong in a black jumpsuit playing on deck in a studio
Kassem photo credit Ilayda-Dağlı
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Kassem Mosse

Fri 19 May 2023
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The captivating DJ plays live with support from Flora Yin-Wong

Kassem Mosse burst onto the scene with his self-titled debut on queer-collective label Mikrodisko in 2006. Three critically acclaimed solo albums followed, as he evolved his style by stripping it bare, exposing its core and extracting warm free-flowing jazz and avant-garde characteristics. As a DJ, Kassem Mosse blurs the lines of electronic dance music; jacking beats mixed up with acid house and Dance Mania-trax. He knows how to keep it fresh and captivating, interlacing the well-known with the unknown.

Flora Yin-Wong is a producer, DJ and writer from London, currently on an artist residency in Kyoto exploring instrument building and shrine maiden traditions. Her debut album Holy Palm was released on Modern Love in 2020 and has previously featured on labels like PAN, Archaic Vaults, and Danse Noire. This February she launched a DIY record label and publishing house Doyenne, focusing on female-identifying artists in experimental literature, sound and sculpture.

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