The bottom half of a persons face, and their neck is covered in blood, as is their hand that they're holding up
Past Event

caravan assembly: CRYCRYKILLKILL

Louise Orwin and Company
Mon 23 May 2022
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This is a show about your favourite scary movie. You know, the one with the dead girl in it?

CRYCRYKILLKILL is an explosive and wry exploration of horror movies, queerness and what it means to be ‘OTHERed’. Using multiple on-stage live feeds and live musical scoring, the show explores what it means to be the ‘Final Girl’, what it means to be the ‘Monster’, and the sneaking suspicion you might not survive a horror film.

Deconstructing and reconstructing an unending horror movie tropes, CRYCRYKILLKILL sets you loose in a hallucinatory fun-house of LOLs, hysterical deadgurls, monsters, IRL blood baths and what society deems ‘too much’. Prepare to see horror movies as you’ve never seen them before.

The show will also be streamed as a one-off explosive at-home cinema experience, simultaneous to the in-person show but offering a uniquely different perspective.

Part of caravan assembly

caravan assembly is a biennial event that presents contemporary performance made in England to an audience of international programmers and collaborators. The performances are open to the public as part of Brighton Festival and sit alongside a series of industry conversations and discussions for those participating in the assembly. 

caravan assembly is delivered by Farnham Maltings in partnership with Brighton Festival.