Lemonade at Brighton Festival
Lemonade at Brighton Festival
Past Event

Lemonade: Music on the move

Sat 1 - Mon 31 May 2021

A location-based music exploration

Explore & discover exclusively composed songs hidden across the Brighton landscape. Ranging from hip hop to experimental to UK jazz and neo soul, inspired by theme of this years Festival, ‘Care’. 

The experience brings together local, emerging and international artists, including Alice Russell, Bunty (The Rose Hill), Chloe Bodur, Dog In The Snow, Guy Andrews, Gwenno, Josef Akin, Miri FLC (Audioactive), Normanton St and Slugabed.

Plus, hear the stories that inspired them to create the music for that location, before each song starts.

Brought to you by brand new location-based music platform, Lemonade, who are releasing their public beta version* for the very first time for Brighton Festival 2021. Join us, and see the city with new ears.  Simply download the app and get moving to the music.

More information on Lemonade here

* this public beta is compatible with iOS (Apple) phones only

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