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Sat 18 May 2024
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Ethereal, psychedelic and experimental sounds from the pioneers of British space rock

While some people imploded in the lockdowns and isolation of the epidemic, others were thriving. 

'I felt like I’d been in training for this my whole life’  said J Spaceman in a text conversation last June or so.   

Drawing inspiration from solitary walks through the serene expanse of ‘Roman London,’ where the absence of sirens and contrails gives way to the chorus of birdsong, J Spaceman crafted a symphony that transcends boundaries. With mastery over 16 instruments and in collaboration with over 30 musicians, including his daughter Poppy and long time friend John Coxon, the British space rock band’s latest masterpiece, Everything Was Beautiful, is a testament to their innovative spirit.

Live, the intense celestial soundscape Spiritualized create promises to be a transcendental experience.