A black man in a colourful shirt holds up a piece of white paper with a sad face on it. It is a bit blurry but the letter F is visible. There are two other people sitting in front of him, both blurry, but they appear to be smiling.
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Rhianna Ilube & Coney
2 performances between Mon 13 & Tue 14 May 2024
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Welcome to Wilhelm Street. Make yourself at home! Settle in with your new family and begin to forge new traditions and memories to last a lifetime.

Somewhere nearby, though, there's a very important meeting going on, with very important people making very important decisions about your lives. But you're not invited... nothing to worry about.  

Created by theatre-maker Rhianna Ilube and BAFTA-winning game-makers Coney, 1884 is an immersive show inspired by the legacy of the 1884 Berlin Conference, an often-overlooked turning point for the African continent and the world.

Part of caravan assembly

caravan assembly is a biennial event that presents contemporary performance made in England to an audience of international programmers and collaborators. The performances are open to the public as part of Brighton Festival and sit alongside a series of industry conversations and discussions for those participating in the assembly. 

caravan assembly is delivered by Farnham Maltings in partnership with Brighton Festival. 

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