A portrait of Joelle Taylor in greyscale. She looks directly at the camera with one of her hands in a fist resting on her mouth
Image credit: Roman Manfredi
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The Night Alphabet

Joelle Taylor
2 performances between Fri 24 - Sat 25 May 2024, 19:30
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Award-winning poet Joelle Taylor performs a staged reading from her mesmerising debut novel The Night Alphabet, directed by acclaimed theatre maker Neil Bartlett.

Hackney, 2233: a woman walks into a tattoo parlour. Her body is covered all over with tattoos, but she wants to add one final inking to her gallery – a thin line connecting the haunting images of her body art together. But if you followed this strand, what narrative do these images tell you?

Set across geographies and timespans, replete with literary fireworks, The Night Alphabet is a furious, gripping, dazzlingly original novel and a deep and bold investigation into violence, resilience and women’s stories.