A queer person of colour looks straight ahead. They are wearing a black jumper, a silver chain with a padlock at the end, and have a nose and lip piercing. There is a light shining behind them, lighting up the ends of their hair.
Photo by Jamie Boyt
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Festival of Ideas: Radical Remembering

Subira Joy
Wed 22 May 2024
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Join Subira Joy and special guests for an evening rooted in histories of resistance, through a lens of creativity and performance.

Combining spoken word, discussions, performances, and more to explore queer and Black activism, archival research and radical lineages, Radical Remembering invites you to challenge how and why we hold our histories.

Organised with The Stuart Hall Foundation. This event is part of Subira's work as the 2024 University of Sussex Stuart Hall Foundation Fellow.

A collaboration with the School of Media, Arts and Humanities, University of Sussex, The Festival of Ideas harnesses the transformative power of the arts and humanities to fashion new ways of thinking about the past, present and future.

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