Noreed Masud stands in front of a glass building holding a spirit level. Polly Atkin stands in front of a brick wall looking at the sky
Noreen Masud & Polly Atkin (credit Alex Muir)
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Noreen Masud & Polly Atkin: Writing a Life

Thu 16 May 2024
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We welcome Noreen Masud and Polly Atkin to the festival to discuss the art of life writing, sharing their memoirs with Amy Zamarripa Solis, CEO and Founder of Writing Our Legacy CIC.

Noreen Masud’s A Flat Place has been described as raw and radical, strange and beguiling - a love letter to Britain's breathtaking flatlands, from Orford Ness to Orkney, and a reckoning with the painful, hidden histories they contain. Poet and nonfiction writer Polly Atkin (FRSL) joins the panel with Some Of Us Just Fall: On Nature and Not Getting Better, a memoir exploring place, belonging, disability, and a journey which led Polly to her current home in the Lake District, where every day she turns to the natural world and outdoor swimmingfor solace.

How do we shape our future paths while reconciling with the past? And if chronic physical and mental health conditions are also part of our lives, how do we take care of ourselves in difficult times, and find a sense of belonging and a place of safety to call home? 

Please note: Kerry Hudson will no longer be appearing at this event.

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